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Dessert Wine     50ml(£3.50)
Selection of Italian cheeses     £7.00
Dessert of the Day
Please ask.
Homemade cheesecake
Please ask for today’s selection.
Mousse al cioccolato
A real chocolate mousse dusted with cocoa powder.
Tiramisu savoiardi
Real tiramisu with savioardi biscuits and real mascarpone.
Profiteroles scuro
Soft choux pastry filled with Chantilly cream and covered with chocolate cream
Cassata cioccolato
Traditional wedge shaped slice of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with cream and candied fruit.
Coppa after dinner mint
Chocolate and mint ice cream, topped with chocolate chips.
Flute Limoncello
Traditional Italian ‘limoncello’ liqueur made with lemons, served as a sorbet in a champagne flute
Coppa Amarena
Vanilla ice cream rippled with amarena cherry sauce.
Coppa al pistacchio
Gelato swirled with chocolate and pistachio, topped with crushed pistachio praline.
Selection of Italian​​​​​​​ ice cream and sorbets
Please ask for flavours available.


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